Dear Philips

I have gone through the specification sheet for the 2011 model PFL7606 and I am very interested in this TV. One of the selling points for me is the USB recording which I would defenitively use. Reading in the specification sheet there is a note saying that there needs to be an internet connection available and this is not available for all countries.

I live in Malta and I get my broadcast via a local digital terrestrial provider. I will be using a cam provided by the supplier thus not needing an external decoder. Can the TV be programmed using the EPG provided with the broadcast or do i need an internet updated EPG? If not which channels could I use the EPG for? My interest would be mainly in Italian channels, however I might want to record channels comming from other countries. I do not know the actual source of these as I do not know from where the feed is coming.

Secondly.... from what I had read the internet browser installed in the 7605 model is from opera. Is this still the same? If so will it include the latest browser presented recently? Most important will it support flash?


When are we to expect to see the new sets to be available in the market and are there indications on the retail proce for such units?