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    Question monitor list empty!!

    Believe me, this is not, what I expected!
    I bought 4 inside cameras 3 weeks ago, placed them inside my house, and signed up for a pro account.
    All 4 cameras were working fine, uploading alerts to my dropbox, and I was happy.
    Camera 1 stopped working two days ago, there is only the solid amber light. Cam 2,3,and 4 are still fine.
    I temporarily took cam 1 off the power, even tried to reset it, all I get is a solid amber light.
    As I had to leave the country, I took cam1 with me, to figure out, what the issue is.
    I connected cam1 today, got the amber flashes and added it as a new camera, as I deleted cam1 from the list while reseting.
    The camera setup was successful - for a minute or so, until the green light changed into solid amber again.
    Camera 2,3 and 4 disappeared then from all my devices monitor list.
    Now I'm sitting here in Germany with one camera next to me, which has a solid amber light again, and an empty monitor list.
    Is there any way to reconnect with cam2,3&4 to get the live stream on the iPad or do I have to fly back to UK to do it at home?
    And what can I do to keep cam1 working? £350 for 4 cameras which are not working as they should sounds like a waste of money. Am I doing anything wrong?
    Any solutions?

    By the way, I've got the M100 cameras.
    Camera 1 did just work for two minutes, is now solid amber again. Cam 2,3&4 are now back in my monitor list.
    No, I can't explain, why...
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