I'm having an alerts problem where I switch the Alerts Enabled to OFF and my iPhone stops receiving notifications but my Dropbox fills up with movie and JPEG files.

Specifically, I'm turning off the Alerts Enabled switch under the Monitors tab in Settings. I see the "Turning 'Alert OFF' will stop alerts for all monitors on this device. Apps running on other devices are not affected." I tap OK since I want it to stop alerting me.

Then my phone notifications seem to off, but the M100 keeps dumping videos and JPEG files into my Dropbox (which means hundreds of files over a 24 hour period if I'm at home). If I want this to stop, I have to turn Alerts enabled back to ON and then tap the Motion and Audio buttons (turning them from blue to greyed-out). This seems to stop both phone notifications and Dropbox alerts.

This seems like unexpected behavior though. I would expect that if I disable alerts, that the M100 will stop alerting me in any way. A big switch that lives in two places of the interface seems like a global switch that should essentially stop the M100 from working.