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    "Unknown Disk" message - " Άγνωστος Δίσκος" in Greek

    Hi all,

    I've already read some posts regarding "Unknown Disk" from some blu-ray models...and still I'm looking for a
    satisfying solution...
    - Some say "may be is the software / firmware"
    - Some say "may be the blu-ray laser beam has dust"
    - Some say "f.o. Philips"...

    Well, I'm frustrated too as many others who bought Philips Blu-rays.
    I have model BDP7500/B2 Mk II since 2011 and until 3-4 months ago every blu-ray disk that I've tried worked fine except 1 or 2 tries to load but after a last try managed to run and play...

    When I started to "upgrade" firmware from a point till now...Problems also started...

    I've never connected the device to the internet cause I don't have any in my current home and every upgrade has been made by USB via downloading the firmware from Philips Site and following the installation instructions.

    ...So, I am now in the middle of a "solution" - not actually found one...

    Blu-Ray Disks that used to not play any more and the "Unknown Disk" message appears every time it tried to be loaded... for about 10-20 seconds the player tries / strives / making read the disks but after a while...the above message appears again... fine until now / CDs also fine...

    I'll check to reset to manufacture setting and I'll come back asap.


    Xerox Hellas
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    Dear Michael,

    The 'unknown disc' issue you are experiencing is very likely a loader issue. Would you please check with your service centre locally to see if they can confirm so? If yes, then you may have to replace the loader.

    With thanks & regards,
    Philips Moderation Team
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