I have had this wireless stereo for a couple of months now and it has been set up with my home wireless network.

I use mainly the internet radio and never really stream music through the media manager (i found this to be very laborious).

whilst connected to the internet radio there would be dropped connections every 10 minutes or so. The radio would eventually come back on after several minutes or if i reselected the radio station using the airstudio app on my iphone. This was annoying on its own and i have learnt to live with it upto now but after the latest firmware update the connection has been awful. I can only listen to the radio for a few seconds at a time before the connection drops again.

On the airstudio app when i select the aw5000 there seams to be a small exclamation symbol (!) on the radio that i have never noticed before.

Can anyone help me out with this as i feel like i have bought a £300 paperweight.

Many Thanks