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    Lightbulb Option to set minimum backlight when using Dynamic backlight!

    Is it possible to have an option to set the minimum backlight used by the dynamic backlight ?

    Sometimes during a movie scence where there are only few texts on the screen (E.g credits) the backlight goes very low (I guess it goes to the minimum). This is annoying since you can't clearly read the text. Also when the scene changes from very dark to slightly brighter you see this annoying change in the backlight (Especially if the movie have the 2 black bars and you are watching at night !).

    I know many people have reported this problem in this forum and most of them have set the backlight to a fixed value to avoid it. However, i like the dynamic backlight since it tend to give very good black in required scenes. The only problem is sometimes it goes too low !

    Thats why am asking for an option to set the minimum backlight used by the dynamic backlight.

    How many of you guys agree with me ?

    --I have the 55PFL6007--

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    Basically, it is great solution for backlight flickering when dynamic backlight is on.
    I have to say that Philips has done some changes in order to improve the dynamic backlight operation- in old firmwares, the backlight values were changed too quickly and the flickering was very annoying. Today it is much better but not perfect: as you mentioned, sometimes when a scene is very dark, backlight moves almost to its minimal value.
    If Philips can develop a feature for choosing minimum backlight value when the dynamic backlight is on, it will be perfect, however I am very skeptic on that.

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