My system recently died and I finally tracked the problem down to the hard drive becoming faulty. I can replace the drive easily enough, but how do I get the system recognise it? I connected the old drive to my Linux box (Fedora) and saw 4 partitions. the first two (140Mb) were of type Unknown, the second (74Mb) was the swap and the fourth was Ext3.

I partitioned a new drive the same way (but had to use Ext4 - not sure if there is a difference but Fedora won't let me use a different type), backed up the original partitions and restored them to the new drive. The first two partitions reverted to Unknown when I did this.

The drive still won't pick up, the unit just stays on "Starting Up" and doesn't progress and further.

I then tried changing the first two drive types to Ext4, but this didn't work either.

Does anyone know how I need to prep the drive before placing it in the unit, or if there is anything else I need to do?

I really don't want to scrap the unit, so if anyone can help I would be grateful beyond belief.