Hi,I have a question if someone could answer me,which 3D glasses be the best for my 40PFL5537K/12 ?,I buy PTA 508 active,but I'm not satisfied with them,i was thinking something like PTA 507, or PTA517,if someone has the same experiene,please could you answer,i seen this PTA518 i think it's a new model,and I'm little confused ?,i like to watch 3D movies and i enjoy it,my philips has ok picture,i cannot complain,little crosstalk but nothing huge,of course,this all depend on the type of movie you watch,and how it's made,does this expensive or new models could potentially,or at least reduce some crosstalk,whether this can be the difference in their prices ?,in my case prices do not play any role,i want the best to enjoy in 3D ?,Please help.Regards