As someone pointed out earlier, Philips should make good use of 9700's LED display. There are a few things we can improve with little effort. Hence, it can cheer up your users if harder issue take longer time to fix.

1. "Play" is displayed on the LED display whenever the track changes. It's an annoyance and bring no value by display "Play". Simply skip "Play" display pls. Go direct to tracker number and time display that follows. This will also give users the impression that 9700 responses quickly!

2. When press REPEAT, 9700's LED display cycles through "RPT TRACK" / "RPT DISC" / "RPT OFF". The problem is with "RPT TRACK". Seems the LED is not wide enough to fully display "RPT TRACK". Hence, Philips engineers decide to scroll from right to left. This is really annoying because it takes time for the users to confirm what's the action in place. Simply change to "RPT TRK" is probably way more useful. This also gives users the impression that 9700 responses quickly!