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    Angry Unimpressed with Philips "quality" product

    3 years a go I purchased a 32" LCD tv along with a 2 year service plan separate from the Philips company. I've taken very good care of this TV and kept every bit of information it came with.
    I'm venting my frustration about the fact that just three short years and one month after I purchased this product it stopped working completely. Totally fine the day before and now it's dead.
    I called the service providers I purchased the plan from and of course there was "nothing they can do".
    My next step was to call the manufacturers of course. They're response to my "not typical" problem was even more disappointing. I spoke to two different customer service representatives who gave me my options of taking it to the closest certified repair shop one hour away or buy a new one at a discounted price before shipping and taxes...
    Needless to say I will not be purchasing a Philips product ever again. I was once impressed with their "quality" and affordability because I was someone who was on a budget and still am. Little did I know that their quality product would totally quit on me three years later.
    What's even more disheartening is the customer service reps lack of interest or empathy. So quick to spit out policies and procedures as an excuse for their poor product. Never once did they say they couldn't look into the matter further. I was only told since I was no longer under warranty on their end I had no other options. In my opinion and experience, if this is how this company runs their business it's no wonder the public chooses other brands of TV over theirs.
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