I bought a new DVP3850K/98 DVD player (with USB) last week in Jakarta, Indonesia and tried to update the firmware.

I followed the instructions on Philips' website. According to Philips, when updating firmware
from USB, you press the "home" key on the remote control and then "USB". After that it should
find the firmware folder automatically and a dialog box should pop up.

However, nothing happens when I select USB. I have copied the firmware folder (with bin file inside)
to the root of the USB thumb drive (8GB USB thumb drive, Transcend brand).

I then formatted the USB thumb drive to FAT32 and copied the firmware folder to the USB drive so
it was the only file on the drive.

Nothing happens. Even if I select the firmware folder and press "OK" on the remote control, it
doesn't start the firmware update

Here is the link to the firmware:


Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated.


Jakarta, Indonesia