with NetTV the user has the possibility to receive thousands of internet radio stations ,
unfortunately it is required to turn on the TV to select the internet radio station!
Normally I do not want turn on the TV to hear radio!

My suggestion is an "Virtual Radio Mode" for internet radio via a NetTV application so that the user can start and select his favourite internet radio channels without the TV.

How it could be working?:

1.) From the main menu of the NetTV supported DVD Players or Home Theater Systems the user push one remote key to start directly a special NetTV application for internet radio (e.g. with the Blue Button).

2.) Inside this started Radio App the user can start directly his as "favourite" marked radio stations with the number buttons of the remote control (0 - 9).

What is needed to realize such "Virtual Radio Mode" in a NetTV device?:

1.) An NetTV application is required in which one the user can select some radio stations for a favourite list and it should be possible to start that favourite radio stations directly with the number buttons of the remote control!

A NetTV Radio application which supporting a favourite list existing already: "RadioTime"!
(http://nettv.radiotime.com), all what is needed is the function to select and start the favourites via the number keys directly!

2.) For the NetTV device a button (which one is not used in the main menu) should be configurable to start directly the NetTV radio application, for example the "Blue button" could be used for this Virtual Radio Mode!

It would be a great feature, especially for NetTV capable HTS systems and DVD Players, to integrate such internet radio function with a little software update!

Is such function possible or maybe already intended?
Can someone forwarding this suggestion to the NetTV software developers?

Thanks and regards,