Hello all,

I'm experimenting with my new 46pfl8008 for a week now, i have to say i'm pretty much a noob when it comes to the advanced display settings, they aren't really explained in the manual by the way (e.g. nothing more then "i't for better motion" or something like that).

Anyway... Something i find pretty hard is getting my fast moving scenes look good. Most of the time i end up with one of these two issues:
1. While fast movement is in a scene, for example a guy runs away, it looks kind of blurry.
2. This one is best seen around logo's or subtitles. While a movie shot gets panned or something, around the edges of the subtitle or channel logo's i see some blocked artifacts.

I did found some 'optimal' settings online but the writer does not speak of the settings in de 'pixel precise HD' menu and things like noise reduction and mpeg artefact reduction.

It would be great if you would share you're knowledge!