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    Dimming problem when subtitles appear on 32PFL9705 (and 40/46" & 9955/9956/9606/9706)

    Hello again everyone!

    This time I would like to point out, what I think is, a bug in the "Dynamic Backlight" dimming function on every 32" PFL9705 and at least some (if not all) 40" and 46" PFL9705, the 58" PFL9955, plus the latest 58" PFL9956, 40" and 52" PFL9606 and even the 46" PFL9706. This bug can be very annoying, especially in darker scenes.

    Put this on USB to watch with Dynamic Backlight activated:

    In this short sample I made of the movie "Entrapment" (never mind the fuzziness, it was big enough already), you can clearly see the dimming of the upper part of the picture every time subtitles appear at the bottom.

    Why!?... It may be to increase contrast even further (unnecessary, as it is strong enough), but I would rather leave parts of the picture where nothing is changing alone. Because when you don't, the dimming (every time subtitles appear) and undimming (every time they disappear again) is very apparent, as nothing should be changing in those parts at all.

    Please Philips, it would be great if you could improve the Local Dimming function at this point, as I think it is the last big disadvantage of an otherwise great feature!

    Thanks again in advance! And enjoy Sean and Catherine...

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