I am about to purchase a new TV and I am considering PHILIPS. However, I really don't like burnt / stuck pixels. I remember long time ago I purchased a LCD Monitor 19" from PHILIPS with excellent quality and a policy of ZERO defective pixels (LCD 190B). It was a really good purchase.
I want to buy a new TV (32" or more) and I want to know what kind of class are your screens, if they are Class I screens or Class II screens.
As you may know, Normative ISO 13406-2 regulate pixel defects in LCD screens.

To read more about ISO 13406-2 please, follow this link:

As you may see, Class I screens must have zero defects.

Class II screens are screens with allowed defects (a second class product), and they could allow defects such as: 2 hot pixels (that is white pixels), 2 dead pixels (that is 2 black pixels) or 5 stuck pixels (that is 5 colored pixels / red / green / blue).

For me pixel defects are important. I remember I tested a BENQ monitor with a hot pixel, and it was a royal pain. All the time the white point disturbing the view.
Specially, when you are using your TV connected to the PC via HDMI and you are using the TV to close distances, defective pixels are a real problem. Before purchasing, I want to know what kind of Class are your TVs, if they are I class or second class screens.