Different people on this forum reported HDMI video output is not turned off when 9700 goes to standby. The issue demonstrates itself as HDMI to TV still showing vertical strips or diagonal strips even though 9700 is already in standby mode.

I found a way to 100% reproduce this issue. Here are the steps:

1. Turn on 9700 and go to Smart TV
2. Go to YouTube and start playing an video.
3. Fast forward the video and wait for a few seconds until the video pauses for unknown reason
4. Fast forward again if you don't see the video resumes playing and stalls.

Repeat Step 4 once or twice. I can guarantee you video playback will stall for unknown reason.
Once 9700 goes into this state. Weird things could happen. You can try to play a media file from HDD. Or play a BD disc.
Does not matter. video playing will become weird in a way that video/audio will be out of sync. The detail of weirdness does not matter here.

The key is that now if you turn off 9700 by going into Standby. HDMI Main will still output video signal. The signal shows up on TV as vertical strips and diagonal strips.

In the extreme case, when you power on 9700 again. You'll see full pink screen that can only be resolved by unplug the power cord. But the pink screen so far only happens to me once. Most of the cases when 9700 powers on, video display is normal. But if you go Standby again, HDMI main video signal is not turned off. Same horizontal and diagontal strips.

Only way to resolve the strips is to unplug the power cord.

Please check.