Hi there,
I have a Smart TV 3D LED PHILIPS 32PFL6007K/12. This tv behaves very strange when i access videos on internet. For example, I open Smart TV -> Internet and in the browser I enter http://youtube.com.
The youtube site is loaded after a while. When I access (play) a video on the site, the tv is displaying an "in progress" indicator and after few minutes restarts. The same happens on all the sites which provide videos that I tried. I connect to the internet through an wireless router (I tried wireless and cable connections both, the result is the same).
I should say that if I try to play a video by using Smart TV -> Youtube section, it works.
The tv is upgraded to the last version of the firmware (at least when I try to upgrade, the tv says that there is not a newer version available).
Does anyone have an idea why this happens and how to solve the problem?