Finally got time to play around with version 3.85.10. Here are my impressions:

1. Picture is slightly brighter than 3.80; it's good improvement in my opinion. it looks better than 9600 from my memory. 9700 is very "film-like" which I like.
2. On startup seems resetting HDMI output for good. It succeeds most of the time. hence, regardless of HDMI signal on ocassionally (with diagonal/vertical strips) when 9700 enters standby. Power on resets back to normal. It works most of the time. So far I only got one pink screen on start up. I believe 9700 was so messy up when it entered standby in this particular case. That also means 3.85.10 is more stable than before but still not so stable in certain functionalities. In particular the Smart TV functionality. After playing around with Smart TV, 9700 could end up in messy states.

Btw, if you turn on Auto-standby, and play a long playlist on YouTube. The standby timer will ignore youtube playing and 9700 enters standby. Shall be easy to fix...

Also, there is another thread with a person asking about GPT support. The thread is closed. Hence, I cannot respond but I dropped him a private message. With 3.85.10 GPT partitions/HDD shall be recognised by 9700. Disk size does not matter I believe (though with some test to confirm will be good). 9600 definitely does not support GPT partition/HDD.