I am one extremely dissatisfied philips customer at the moment. I bought my DS8800w/10 just over a year ago & to date have been quite happy with it. a few days ago it stopped working, i cant connect it to my wifi anymore so the speaker is useless. I have tried going through the set up from beginning but am unable to get past the 2nd step, when I press the wifi set up button instead of flashing green & yellow it just flashes red. I called Philips customer care & was told oh red light is bad & that as my warranty was up the only option was to send it for repair when I asked where I could do this & explained I lived in Ireland I was told that there was actually nothing I could do!!!

Can somebody please please help me!! Is this true are my speakers that cost me quite a bit if money just over a year ago now fit only for the bin??!!! I thought Philips was a high tech cutting edge market leader trustworthy company but going by the help I've been given & their customer service attitude this does not seem to be the case!

Any help from anybody is greatly appreciated.

ps i have tried re-booting speaker, router etc.