Ok this is the situation. (40PFL7007H/12) (Latest Software Installed)
I have set up the clock with (correct time) on the tv to >MANUAL<.
Then 10 days later i noticed that the tv guide recorder doesnt record in time the program....
I checked the time from the menu>clock and i was shocked to see that Tvs clock was 11 minutes back! from the proper time!
The tvs clock lose 1 minute per 24 hours! Thats amazing news from philips...
A 1000€ tv cant keep up the correct time as a 2€ chinese clock can!
When i Set Up the menu to> Auto update < the clock everything is ok and the time appears to be correct.

I would like to know if The Tv Starts itself every day when you set the Clock to >Auto Update< To sybchronize the time or just waits until you open it to start synchronizing from a digital channel....ANYONE Familiar??
Anyone Noticed this Problem?
Pleace Try your Tv and report back.