for Germany in NetTV the App "wetter.com" is available. The App works currently with web address "http://www.unterwegs.de/philips".
It works fine to search German cities by names or postcodes but it does not find international cities!

Form the Pro7 and Sat.1 App also a "wetter.com" hbbtv web site is linked, it works with the internet address "http://hbbtv.wetter.com" and looks almost identical as the NetTV App "wetter.com"!

The different:
On side "http://hbbtv.wetter.com" international cities were found also , e.g. try to search for:
Paris, New York, Sydney or alike!

Is it possible to enable the search function for international cities in the NetTV App "wetter.com" also?
Or is it possible to switch the wetter.com NetTV App from address "http://www.unterwegs.de/philips" to "http://hbbtv.wetter.com"?