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    Mediaconnect will crash after projecting with Windows 8 (29PFL4908)

    This is what happens.

    ✓ Disabled Anti-Virus
    ✓ Disabled Firewall
    ✓ Disabled UPnP
    ✓ Enabled UPnP
    ✓ Latest firmware on the TV
    ✓ Laptop exceeds recommended hardware requirements
    ✓ 19.5 Megabit Downlink over Wi-Fi
    ✓ Tried with TV-Ethernet-to-Router
    ✓ Tried with Laptop-Ethernet-to-Router
    ✓ Tried Vista SP1/2 Compatibility Settings
    ✓ Tried UAC Administrative Elevation
    ✓ Tried Windows 7 Compatibility Settings
    ✓ Works with YouTube App
    ✓ Works with "Browse PC", but does not playback MPEG-4 files, only "picture" files
    ✓ Render is turned on
    ✓ No other devices are consuming network bandwidth
    ✓ Worked earlier with expected latency/video artifacts (once today)
    ✓ Restarted Router
    ✓ Restarted TV
    ✓ Restarted Laptop
    ✓ Re-installed MediaConnect
    ✓ Checked Online Manuals
    ✓ Phoned Tech Support

    I'll probably return this to future shop. Sucks that the application keeps crashing in Windows 8.

    The lady on the phone kept saying it might be a signal issue, etc. I said it couldn't be because it did work earlier today when I played back a video and the latency/video artefacts were there but the sound worked. The fact that it worked once is evidence that there is enough processing capability/signal strength to transmit audio/video.

    She recommended the usual disable AV/firewall, re-start uPnP on the router, etc. I just think that MediaConnect overall is a crappy software that can't run in Windows 8 well without crashing, hopefully they can update it to be "Windows Certified" since its disappointing to still not have compatible-based software in 2013.
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