Dear expert,

I have 8605 and 3D kid. However I don't have 3D bluray player. To test 3D function of TV. I downloaded a few samples over the internet and save it on memory stick and my media player(connected through HDMI cable)

Firsdtly 8605 Tl doesn't suppoer mkv files. That is interesting. I didn't care much however...

But those movies don't work as 3D. They are supposed to be 3D because I downloaded from a legitimate source. So I took memory stick to a friend who has same tv with 3D blue ray player. I put memory stick to philips 3d blueray player assuming that has something to do with player but didn't work there either.
So I didn't manage to see how 3D works..

So my question

To use 3D function, does the source have to be 3D Blueray disk and 3d blueray player? If not why my files didn't work?

Is there any way to check 3D function wihout having to own a 3D bluray player? If the format wasn't compartible then please suggest me some 3D demonstration files for me to check the function at least..

Thanks in advance