I have a 4GB GoGear Raga SA4RGA04KF/97 with firmware revision 1.14.

I am trying to create and install a playlist without using the Songbird software. This is because I most often use a computer running Linux and the Philips Songbird does not run on Linux. While I also have access to a Windows computer, I do not want to install Songbird on that machine.

Does the Raga SA4-series support .m3u playlists?

I have created several m3u playlists that all work successfully in Winamp on a Windows machine. However, after I copy these m3u files to the Raga, they do not appear in the list of available Playlists. Only the three built-in "Playlist on the Go" are shown.

I have tried putting an m3u playlist file in several different file locations to see if it will be detected by the Raga. None of the locations has worked.
The locations that I have tried are:


Does anyone have suggestions on how I can create and install a playlist to my Raga SA4 without using Songbird?

Andrew McLachlan