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TV Model: 55PFL8008s
Current Firmware: 171.049

- When you turn on the TV from standby mode, the screen is black, there is sound, you see the controls (vol, menu etc..) you can even change hdmi inputs - but nothing there, happened twice already (didn't happened in past version) had to do a cold reset (unplug the tv power)

- sometimes when you turn the TV there are 2 red leds on the right corner, they go off when the screen comes up (was also in past firmware)

- Hebrew is still backwards when you use network to browse folder/file names

-BTW how do you change the audio of MKV file if there are more than 1 track? didn't found this option
Hey n3z3k, in answer to your question in the official fw thread.
You change the audio channel within the mkv file by choosing another audio language while playing your mkv file (while playing -> options -> audio language).

Let me know if it worked!

gr, Mark