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    Philips BDP8000/78 playback freezing.


    I am new to this forum, and I came here in the hope that I could get some support from a Philips moderator or an experimented member, due to the following issue:

    I have a Philips BDP8000/78 Blu-Ray player since early March. A firmware update to version 1.53 was applied as soon as I got it working.

    The player has occasionally frozen playback at random when playing DVDs, or alternatively by pressing pause and a few moments later resuming player and then freezing playback.

    Last night the player paused a Blu-Ray disc playback and a few moments later resumed playing without my intervention. This was the fist Blu-Ray playback that paused and resumed a few times.

    On all these occasions I turned the player off, unplugged the AC power, waited a few seconds and turned it back on. On one particular occasion I reset the player completely, but at no avail. After unplugging it from the AC outlet and turning it on sorted out the freezing issue.

    My playback system consists of an Onkyo SR-605 A/V receiver and a Samsung UN55B8000 LCD set, all connected by first class CAT-2 (high speed) HDMI cables. I also use a power conditioner for all components.

    To the best of my knowledge, the latest firmware version is 1.53. I read somewhere else in the Internet that an end user had a similar problem with his BDP8000 but was cured with a new firmware that was not mentioned in his posting.

    I firmly believe that a similar firmware modification may cure the freezing issue in my unit as well.

    To that effect I contacted the Philips Support in São Paulo, Brazil, where the Philips main offices are located. Nevertheless, I have yet to get an answer from them. In the meantime, I thought that I would be better off by describing the freezing issue to this forum and possibly getting advice or an answer.

    Prior to the BDP8000 I was using a Panasonic DMP-BD30 for years and had no disc freezing issues.

    The Philips BDP8000 is a very good player, but it has some minor bugs. For example, when I first installed it I queried for a firmware update via the Internet but the player reported that there was none available. However, the Brazilian Philips site offered version 1.53 for download, and as a result I had to update the player with a flash drive.

    Apart from that, the player is fast and performs quite well for DVDs.It would be a shame if no cure is found to this freezing issue.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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