I do wonder what the output signal is from the BDP 9700

I stumbled upon this issue when started to read some artical about BTB, blacker than black and its settings in different players and screen.
I guess the bdp9700 sends out 16-235, so blacklevel is set to 16. This is a standard since the 50's (datablack that also have come to us sends 0-256 and have the blacklevel set to 0. In some monitors, beamers and tv you can set this, called ex "Expand" HDMI mode, or "wide" etc ( under HDMI settings)
But i guess it sends out regular 16-235.

settingsreference for calibration:
For ex if you have THX settings on a Starwars DVD or if you try the awsome and free AVS 709 calibration files.

The media on the DVD disc or the Bluray is YCbCr 4:2:0 Colorspace Although in order for a picture to be displayed on your screen, it must be converted to RGB. This can happen in the player or in the display. Some displays will only accept YCbCr input signals, some only RGB, and some both

So is it in the future possible to get the process in the signal happen in the player to RGB. I beleive the processor in the BDP9700 is better than many displays.
Most of the time it's best to send a 4:2:2 picture wich is as close to native you can get.

Another future would be nice to lock it to 60Hz or 50Hz.
But anyhow what colourspace is sent out ? YCbCr4:4:4 ?