Hi -

After having had two previous upscaling Philips DVD players I've just upgraded to the BDP5100 Blu-ray player, primarily so that I can archive multiple mkv files to single BD-R discs.

However, I seem to be having huge problems doing this. The BDP5100 seems to be incredibly picky about which discs and mkv formats it will support. After two weeks of trying I'm still constantly getting "Unsupported video format" error messages. The problem occurs on all BD-Rs and DVD-Rs, burnt with Toast in Mac/PC format.

However, once I'd worked out a compatible codec, I can copy the mkv to a USB stick and the player seems to have no problem with it.

Commercially purchased Blu-rays seem to not be a problem - it's just the discs I've burnt.

Does this mean my player is faulty? (I upgraded to v.1.53 of the firmware, but since I read on this forum that a number of people had issues with this, I downgraded back to v1.31.)

At this stage I'm sorely tempted to return the Philips player and move over to a Sony instead, as a friend seems to be having none of these issues, despite testing exactly the same BD-Rs I've been unable to play.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.