I'm currently unsing a 55PFL7108 with the latest FW v000.171.051.000 and I'm experiencing (since the previous FW v000.064.015.000) black screen when turning on the TV on a HDMI source (I watch TV from my FTTH set top box) : sound is OK, we can hear the channel broadcasting, but no image from the HDMI source. I can sometime fix the issue by switching the source to the DVB-T source, waiting several seconds that something appears, then switching back to my HDMI source.
That is very annoying.

Sometimes, switching from HDMI --> DVB-T --> HDMI did not help, I just have to unplug the power cord, wait several minutes, then trying to turn on again the TV.

And some other times, my TV do not want to turn on at all. I see the red light LED blinking when pushing my remote controller buttons, but nothing happens. Again I need to unplug the power wire to try to resolve the issue.

This happens since the beginning I bought this TV, and now the issue is occuring several times every days.

Is that problem already been identified ? What I need to do ?
I tried to active or desactive "fast start up" in settings menu, but didn't help.

Waiting for an enlightment, and ready to share with you more details if needed.