Dear Users,

Please find the release note below:

Details: B16.25S is only released to NP2500/05, /12, /37, /37B, /37X.

B16.25S includes the following changes:
• Enhanced the play-ability of Internet radio stations (e.g. WDR, MDR, NDR, FFH, RNE, …)
• Improved the play-ability of M3U-playlist by handling incorrect or missing header in some instances

The former firmware version includes the following changes:
• Rhapsody change from WMA to MP3 stream to ensure a better service / as requested by Rhapsody.(B16.20S)
• Improved Internet radio playability, e.g. like Hitradio FFH, or Danish stations.(B16.20S)
• Improve the hanging up issue after a prolonged period in standby mode. (B16.00S)
• We have now improved the Internet radio playability further. Stations with protocol rollover are now properly managed / handled (e.g. stations like: CR2, Radio 100.7, RAI Gr Parlamento, Radio Metro, RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, Radio Peili, etc.) (V14.03S)
• Pictures in GIF format are properly displayed when streamed from TwonkyMediaServer/ Browser (TMM). (V14.03S)
• We have now improved the BBC stations playability. The stations will play quicker with shorter “buffering” times. (V12.98S)
• In general, all Internet radio stations will play faster with shorter “buffering” times. (V12.98S)

Please select the Settings -> Check for software upgrades on the device to do the firmware upgrade.

• 2010-11-04 Initial release
• 2010-12-22 upgrade SW to V14.03S
• 2011-11-02 upgrade SW to B16.00S
• 2012-01-11 upgrade SW to B16.20S
• 2013-07-26 upgrade SW to B16.25S

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