I recently purchased a SmartTV model 40PFL4908/07 and have tried to connect unsuccessfully to MediaConnect. I have two laptops, one running Windows 7 and the other 8, however, neither are able to connect. I have adjusted the compatibility settings and still nothing from either computer.

When I try to run media connect my computer projects for a few seconds and then shuts down. I get the following error message NE[00203693] Network error connect. I have disabled my firewall and security - prior to disabling I couldn't even get the program to locate my tv. Please help! I have contacted customer service but to no avail.

I would like to get the media connect to work with my laptop running windows 8 because im planning to give away the one running 7. Ask me any questions and I will answer.

My wifi router is a netgear and I have no idea how to get into the netgear login system. I have Comcast cable and my cable internet box router (I don't know what it is called) is arris.