I purchase a Phillips 50 inch in March,2013. My television stopped working approximately July 11. I called the Phillips Manufacturing Repair, 1-866-309-0843 and was advised to email receipt in which I did on July 11. After faxing the receipt no one called me, therefore, I had to call them and set up for my television to be repaired, in which they gave me a vendor name and number to call.

I called Denny's Television and set up an appointment. The vendor did not show up nor called and we rescheduled three times before he showed up.

The technician stated the television needs a new mother board and he stated I should be concerned as this seems to be a manufacturing defect and I should be concerned of repairs in the future with this television.

My kids and I have had no television since July 11 and my kids are out of school for the summer. This weekend was horrible with no television and being on vacation. I have called the Phillips Manufacturing Repair several times asking when can I find out details about repairing my television.

I continue to hear well maam it takes time and their are other orders to be completed along with our expedition time of 2-3 days before a technician can read the report and act on it, as well as many other reasons.

I know everyone is busy and there is a timeframe, but I informed him to put himself in my shoes. I purchased a brand new television and it is broken within three months and my kids and I have nothing. I brought a Phillips brand as I thought they were an excellent brand and have longevity. I am a single parent and I try to spend my money on a good solid product, in which, I thought I did.

I apologize but I do not feel there is a sense of any type of urgency or commitment to the product and service I have received.

Based on what the technician stated, I would like to have my television replaced. As stated below on your Phillips website:

creating a strong and trusted Philips brand with market access all over the world

We have a leading global brand, which is highly trusted across the world.

Please help me in getting a television for my kids and I that we deserve and have paid for. I am sending messages all day to everyone to get this resolved.

Ollie Smith