A view days ago I got new Blu-Ray player (BDP7700)
Right away I noticed that the sound is only in stereo over HDMI.

My TV (Philips PFL6007) is connect to my sound system using it's optical out.
Other devices like my xBox 360 are 5.1 when it needs to be.

But not this player, all contend (DVD, Blu-ray and network media) is stereo.
While the same network content plays as 5.1 played right on my tv.

Only when I move the optical cable from the TV directly to the Blu-Ray player it plays 5.1.

I did play with some settings (mostly on the player but also on the TV) but can't find something that fix this.

Do to that the xBox is playing 5.1 I don't think it's the TV.

I hope someone has some tips to try before I probably buy a extra optical cable.