Hi folks,

Yes, I found a bug in a Philips TV

Here is my issue :
Configuring my TV to access my local network via WIFI
- Smart TV then is working fine : OK
- Media Manager is fine : OK
Connecting an external HDD (WD My Book Essential)
- TV recognize the stuff, format it the way it like : OK
- Then using it is fine (pause, recording movies ...) OK

Turn off the TV

Now the 'small issue' :

Turn on the TV

-> Now if you try to access any smart function : Connection setup wizard appears, requesting to set up a new network connection, but the Wireless is grayed and cannot be chosen.

Trying to view your records ? wizard starts ...
Smart Tv ? wizard ...
network ? well yes, wizard ......

Workaround : Unplug the HDD and then everything get back to normal (apart from accessing your records of course )


So unless there is a way to store the records on a shared disk other the network, how am i suppose to make all this work together ?