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    Unhappy DCB2070/10 Upgrade incomplete before power down

    Philips DCB2070/10 No longer responds after Upgrade failure, blank blue screen and no response to buttons.

    I followed the download instructions - putting "System" folder into the root directory of a USB flash drive, selected "USB" mode and plugged in USB flash drive. "Upgrade" appeared in the blue screen.

    After an hour it still displayed "Upgrade", so I left it overnight.

    The following morning it still displayed "Upgrade" and nothing responded, so I removed the flash drive.
    Big mistake - now nothing works at all.

    Is there any way to restart the upgrade/reboot the system or flash the firmware/software myself ?
    Or is it a case of taking it to a Philips Repair Centre?

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    h J Chew, if you cannot see anything on the display, the only way to reset, reboot the device is to plug it off for a little while and plug it back in. You will also have to try to upgrade it once again. If you can see the display, then you may also try to reset the factory settings (p. 17 of the manual -

    However, if nothing of that helps, than yes, your local Philips Repair centre will be able to fix that for you.

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