Hi everybody,

as reported for previous SW-versions, there have been problems with Teletext after using NetTV.
See http://www.supportforum.philips.com/...t-after-update and http://www.supportforum.philips.com/...0-TV-SW140.25).

In the SW 140.34 the failure is still present at my 40pfl7605H/12 and it is reproduceable!

0.) Watch TV (in my case DVB-C)
1.) Home -> NetTV -> OpenInternet
2.) Open http://hbbig.com
3.) Every 4th to 5th time I open hbbig.com the screen stays white. If this happens goto 4. otherwise goto 1. (some times the white screen error can be faster reproduced if "load again" from the options menu is choosen when hbbig has loaded normal)
4.) Press broswerbutton once -> sound from current running broadcast comes back but the scrren stays white.
5.) Press browserbutton again until TV picture comes back instead of white screen (should not need mor than two additional hits at browserbutton).
6.) Press browserbutton once more -> choose TELETEXT and ... nothing; TELETEXT fails!
7.) Workaround by Dutchtronic: Home-> Scenea (see http://www.supportforum.philips.com/...ull=1#post4129)
8.) Press ok and you will back at current TV broadcast.
9.) Press browserbutton -> choose TELETEXT and it works.

I have done this two times yesterday and four times just right now.

Now Philips its up to you to repair this bug - we have found it.
Hint from my side: it seems that choosing scene restarts something, that is not restartet afer return from NetTV, so have a look which functions are called .

Confirmation of the 10 steps by other users is welcome.