As DLNA certification for a product can be obtained only on the grounds that a product can serve a low resolution .jpeg the DLNA 1.5 certification does not really say all that much about how capabable a given certified product is. I would therefore like us to list what media servers (NAS units) we use with our BDPs and what works and what does not. I hope this could help educate us on what NAS products to look for.

Personally, I use a Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive that can do most things with a BDP. It cannot use jump to time and chapters in .mkv nor ff/rw faster than 4x nor play .avi without freezes during playback. It could do everything with my older mediaplayer, which is why the experience with a BDP is interesting. (And yes, if I use a USB HDD the Philips can do all the things it cannot over Ethernet).

What do you use and what works/does not work?