hello to all. i bought 2 weeks ago philips smart tv 32pfl3258h/12 from tehnopolis from bulgaria, varna town , everything was working fine until Today ;[ i have a dvd home cinema(hts3520) that i have connected on the headphone jack on aux mode,and i use like a amplifier ;] and today without any reason the sound goes very quiet ,from my sound system, the sound from the tv speakers is ok ;[ i tried to put the volume on max from the tv, the phonejack and my dvd cinema system on max , nothing ;[ only little quiet , way big difference whe i bought it) ;[ i update my tv with the last firmware few hours ago but nothing, i tried regular headphones, an again no sound (technically there is a sound but is very quiet ,very very quiet sound ;[[ barely you can heard something, even with all settings on max ,sound coming only from the tv speakers , the problem is in the headphone jack i think, on the front panel, can anyone help me ? i have a warranty, should i return the tv or just wait for new firmware , if it is a software problem uf course ? ;] i know there is a optical out but my sound system dont have , also i want to use my headphone jack on the front panel, i use sometimes a headphones on my smart tv. thank you .