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    Thumbs up Technical feedback - FW 2.1.9s - for 3008, 3018 and 3028 models- 2013

    Hi all.

    The new FW is now live. For details please see here:

    This thread is for technical feedback only. For other discussions please post in the related discussion thread. "Off topic" posts regarding the firmware will be moved to the experience thread.

    After upgrading your TV, it is necessary to perform a "cold start". This means that, after the TV is running again (after the update), shut down the TV, wait 1 minute (till all components are shut down), and unplug the TV from the mains (pull power cord) for 2 minutes before starting again.

    Please use the following template in this thread:

    TV Model: xxPFLxxxx (please fill in)
    Previous Firmware: xx.xx (please fill in)



    Best regards,
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    In about June 2014 Philips - Ina send my complete bugreport to some technician from Philips and he reacted, he said that he wanted to contact me directly and wanted my telephone number but I could also contact him with email. I decided to do it with email. The developer talked about making a video stream.

    I gave the following reaction:
    I don't exactly know what the developers mean with a video stream. But I am not planning to do an extensive video with camera's, an interview and a filmcrew to show the bugs. Everything in the bugreport can easily be reproduced in every Philips 40pfl3018h assuming that it is completely the same.

    I never heard from the technicians again and Philips - Ina has stopped.

    Why aren't they updating all these problems?
    Here is the complete bugreport.

    Philips 40pfl3018h
    software upgrade: v2.2.6p
    application version: v2.1.9z

    Errors with sorting stations

    With older updates after sorting stations the stations got '-1' in front of their name and the order of the stations was complete chaos. With the latest updates the '-1' problem has gone, it never says '-1' anymore in front of the name of a station. That problem is solved.

    I checked the errors with the sorting of the stations using the latest updates.
    If stations are moved then after about 15 minutes those stations change their station numbers. That happens when stations are being moved and overwritten. So you can never have 20 stations neatly sorted in a row, unless you never move them.

    After sorting the stations and giving them numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4....then after a while they all get back the original program numbers from UPC.

    I have done the following experiment. Installed all digital stations and among other things saw the following.
    11. FOX
    14. Station of the Month

    Then I reversed that.
    11. Station of the Month
    14. FOX

    After a few hours all the station numbers were back like before.
    11. FOX
    14. Station of the Month

    Could it be that UPC is handling the station numbers in my tv? In some cases the station numbers seem to keep their numbers giving by me, especially when all the stations were moved together in one time.

    Setting off coded scanning
    The coded scanning cannot be put off, never. What I mean is the following:
    Settings \ other settings \ coded scanning, yes or no.

    The option 'coded scanning' cannot be turned on or off. In Dutch it says 'Gecodeerde scannen'.
    The option is also there when installing the tv with first installation, then it can be set to off but it still scans
    the stations that are coded.

    TV reacts slowly
    When zapping through stations the tv reacts slowly, it often hangs. Sometimes when I switch to a new station then the tv takes 5 seconds to really get to that new station. The same when switching to teletext.

    The teletext is in widescreen
    That can be handy with subtitles but the text is very hard to read when reading news messages.
    Is it possible to make a switch so that the teletext can be in 4:3.

    Digital stations don't switch properly to different screensize
    When using analog stations then you can switch properly to a different screensize, from 16:9 to 4:3.
    But when you do that with digital stations then the 4:3 screensize is vertically very stretched, very awful to see.

    The tv switches off teletext automatically
    When the tv is on teletext for about 15 minutes then sometimes it switches off teletext. In these cases the knobs of the remote were not used.

    Pressing remote buttons can execute wrong functions
    When pressing functions on the remote it sometimes happens that the wrong function is being used.
    For example when pressing the ch+ button it could be that the favourites list is being shown.

    Teletext switches off when the halt state is active
    When teletext is on and the halt state is active by pressing the ok button then sometimes teletext switches off and the station is visible. So the teletext switches off to the tv screen but only for about 1 second.

    Logo cannot be set to off
    When setting the tv on there is always a logo, other brands like Samsung have an option to set this logo off, there is no off switch for this logo.

    Timer sometimes vanishes completely
    When a timer has been set to record to usb then 1 in about 10 times the timer is completely gone in the timerlist. And it did not record anything. Most of those times the timer event is gone about 4 hours before the recording had to start.

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