I recently installed a DLNA enabled NAS Seagate Central 4TB device. As Samsung recommended AVI files I ripped my DVDs into this format. These playback JUST FINE AND DANDY on my Samsung Blue Ray player AND our android phones, but NOT on the Philips BDP5200/05 unit. Whether I play them via DLNA or by a USB stick, (which it finds in both cases and loads okay), it simply says something like ‘Cannot play sound’. It then plays the picture ok, but no sound. I’ve not much technical knowhow, but using the software ‘mediainfo’ here’s details of one file where the sound won’t work on the Philips unit:

Container and general information
AVI (openDML) 2.38 GiB, 2hr 5mn
1 video stream: AVC
1 audio stream: AC-3
Overall bit rate: 2.723 Kbps
Writing application: Lav54.63.104

First video stream:
2.298 Kbps, 1024*576 (16:9) at 25,000 fps, AVC (Main: L.3.1) (CABAC / 1 Ref Frames)

First Audio Steam
320 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 6 Channels, AC-3
(I kept 5.1 sound as the Samsung has sound surround 5.1 speakers)

I’m annoyed that my avi files (there is now a lot...) just don’t just play back like on the Samsung Blue Ray player and my android phones. Does anyone why they won’t play when the booklet say it SHOULD play AVI formats?

Oh, and I just did a successful firmware upgrade to V1.67.

Am I missing something?

Ta in advance for any feedback.