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    s-video on 47PFL7008k/12


    Before I begin please excuse my english as it isn't my native language, I'll try to explain as good as I can.
    I recently bought a new 47PFL7008k/12 television.
    I'm having issues hooking up one of my old gameconsoles (N64).
    The picture looks terrible over composite which is kind of to be expected with such a large screen.
    Dot crawl and fuzz all over the place. Other then that the picture appears somehow schrunk in size and towards the bottom of my display no matter which zoom setting I try it's always messed up somehow.

    In order to improve the situation I bought an S-Video cable for my console with an s-video to scart adapter so I can hook it up to the scart input.
    Display quality is even worse like this, dot crawl is gone but colors appear washed out and there's a lot of flicker and some sort af chromatic abaration going on.
    The image still looks shrunk as well.
    Considering that I still get colors and not black and white I assume this Television does indeed support s-video over scart (luminance and chrominace).

    I tested this exact same setup on my 32PFL5606H in my bedroom and the picture is sharp with bright colors and fullscreen.

    Below are 2 example pictures. Pictures might be a little fuzzy because they are taken with my cellphone.
    (just noticed I took them on the lowest quality setting)
    In real life the difference in quality is quite dramatic.
    Can anyone please explain what's going on and if there is a possible fix.

    Picture on 32PFL5606H looks fine.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	32PFL.jpg 
Views:	180 
Size:	16.3 KB 
ID:	2184
    Picture on 47PFL7008k is rubbish.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	47PFL.jpg 
Views:	236 
Size:	17.9 KB 
ID:	2183
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