Hiya everybody,

i have had my pc connected to my 42pfl7306d/01 through a DVI-HDMI cable and the sound from my Realtek HD soundcard to the rear Audio In Left/Right with no problems whatsoever for nearly 2 years.

Yesterday i unplugged my pc totally so i could connect my mates pc to my monitor & power supply so i could reformat & reinstall Windows for him.

When i have reconnected my pc back up, i have no sound coming through the tv anymore on the HDMI 2 channel it was connected to, if i connect the audio cable to the monitor or a nearby HiFi system the sound works perfectly but if i plug it in the rear Audio In Left/Right where it has always worked, i get nothing.

I've been around the main Phillips site, i've downloaded the latest firmware, i've followed the instructions from the FAQ on how to connect through the rear Audio In Left/Right but all to no avail.

Could anyone please help me ?