I've bought a Bluray BDP5500/12 a few months ago. I don't use it very often, cause I have a HTCP. And I was very lucky not needing this often, cause from the start, there were freezes.

But now, after a long time not using it, I want to see a BR. And I see 'hello' and then only the blue screen with Philips logo. And the freeze... I can open the tray, but the button does not work then to close the tray! So it's a complete freeze from the start. What to do?

No, pulling the cord won't work. I've tried it over 20 times now & everytime the freeze is there. I cannot even enter the home-screen to change the firmware?! I am really stuck, cause also I don't have the receipt anymore

I thought now you don't need to have a receipt anymore to get the warranty, cause you can easily see it's not even two years old, this device!

All help & advice is appreciated!