BDP2105 on Startup now loads to the "PHILIPS" logo screen then goes to black and freezes there. Buttons on remote are un responsive. I must unplug the unit in order to reboot. This scenario began by skipping and then freezing Netflix movies. The frames would then advance one at a time in a movie and then freeze entirely. Remote was unresponsive so, I changed to new batteries to eliminate that as a cause. The remote remained unresponsive. I pulled the plug and rebooted the system. I turned the system on via remote to ascertain that the remote unit was working. It was. The screen went from the LOGO screen to Black and froze. Remote was unresponsive again. I pulled the plug again and had the same response. As a last resort, I unplugged the unit, rebooted and did a factory restore. At least I TRIED to do a factory restore! The unit FROZE after giving it the command to restore default settings and then it sat there mocking me in utter defiance...frozen on the SETTINGS screen.

This is the most frustrating device I am at the point of throwing it out, but it was a gift from my son. Please understand that given my previous issue of disappearing ACTIVATION in YOUTUBE (as referenced in a prior post) and an epic lack of official response or remedy, owning this unit ranks right up there with a root canal. If asked about this brand, I would have to encourage people to run in the opposite direction!