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    strange problem with DCB293/05

    hello I have mini sound system DCB293/05 that when working is great but has got a weird problem,

    if I leave the system unplugged so there is no power at all in the system when I plug it in I can switch on with either the power button on the system or the remote, once switched on I can set whatever I want, either CD, tuner, ipod or aux and they work fine but when I come to switch off nothing will work neither the buttons or the remote so I have to pull the plug out off the mains this then switches everything off, if I then plug it back into the mains nothing works, just the clock flashing to say it needs setting. I have to leave the system unplugged for a day or two before any thing works again, as in how I started this thread. any help will be gratefully received. thank you very much.

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    hi kev, very strange indeed. It looks like the dock requires reset before using. When you switch it on without unplugging it out, is it not responding at all or can you see the clock?

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