Hi forum

I have had my WAC7500 for a few years and unfortunately has no guarantee left. It originally had a fault while under warrantee with the cd driver and was sent away to be fixed and was returned in full working order.

About 6 weeks after it stopped working. My main panel will light up and I can navigate through the different selection options for cd, radio etc but cannot get any response when I hit the ok button to select. There also is little happening with the other buttons, the volume level select works and I can go up and down on the menu select buttons. I have no power indicted on the on off button and it wont work when pushed. My remote will not sync with the system either so cannot go that route.

The 2 satellite stations work perfectly for the radio but I cannot access or sync them with the station either.

Feel a bit cheesed off as I paid a lot for the system and now have to decide whether to ditch it and buy a new one or pay a possibly costly repair bill. Any help or info would be greatly received.

Thanks in advance