Dear users,

We would like to let you know that a new Android version 2.5.7 of AirStudio has been released.

Benefits of the new version as below:

a) The help text for play all & + is shown 3 times after the app launch similar to iOS app. Help text changed in line with iOS app.

b) EQ button on now playing screen introduced similar to iOS airstudio.

c) Exit button added under setting based on beta test feedback.

d) Crash issue on LG phone reported by ODC team is fixed.

e) Slow UI response on S4 ( 4.2.2) is improved.

f) When back is pressed at highest level of server ( music, photo, video), the message for allowing the app to close will appear. This meets expectations of users who expect back button press to allow closure of the app.

g) App icon is shown on all screens in status bar along with wifi, battery indicator etc..

h) During web UI operation, back key will work during the time busy circle is shown.

i) SD card reading issue on the latest Philips phone from Talo. Verified by Talo already.

j) While a sharelist is playing, if a track is clicked, it will be added in the sharelist after the earlier playing track & not the end. Playback will also shift to the clicked track. Behavior made consistent with iOS app.

k) Support .png device icons so that device icons with N for new FW can also be shown in the android app. This was a PV bug which we got fixed.

Kind regards,

Philips Moderation Team