After starting up the SBS6, Veronica or Net5 (all the same) app within the philips smart tv environment the app looks alright.

But I have a little problem with this app:
After selecting a show I can play the current episode. The option to select another episode ('meer afleveringen') pop-ups a window where to select the another episode of the show. So far so good, but there is no selection bar to select the wanted episode. Trying to select the episode with a by USB connected mouse doesn't work neither.

The app environment 'hangs'. Reload page (by right mouse click or 'options' button on remote) or exiting the smart tv environment is the only option.

Currently i'm running the latest firmware (10-2013) Previous firmware had the same problem.

I already have tried to re-install the app.

Is there a way that I can fix this (irritating) issue by myself?

Regards, Maurice