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    TV model: 55pfl6007T
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    Sorry for lengthy reply, but this is my addition:

    Current problems:

    Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is not working, with or without PIN. Tried everything. Manually typing SSID password gives connection and wi-fi works fine. But not WPS. Several other devices can connect to my router with WPS without any issues.

    With Quick start turned off, TV still dont turn off completely.

    Connected USB HDD keeps spinning while TV is turned off.

    Channel update message at every 2nd startup or so. I'm sure new channels are not published that fast.

    WI-FI Smart Screen to Ipad is not working. Unplugging the TV and reinstall App, occasionally helps. But only for 15-20 minutes or so. Changing the channel, will loose connection to TV immediately. Turning the iPad off and back on, will loose connection without being able to reconnect. Turning off, then on the Wi-Fi Smart Screen feature in TV menu, will make the iPad try and reconnect and even sometimes detect the channel name, but eventually it will time out or keep the spinning wheel going on the iPad.
    Tried everything also suggestions from threads in here. Different iPad, iPhone with different versions. Tried to connect TV both wireless and cable. Tried different Router and all other things I could think of... Never any luck, unfortunately.
    Yes, Network is secured, although not connected with WPS, since this does not work as mentioned in 1).

    Menus are generally slow. Nothing to add here, that hasnt already been told elsewhere in the forum.

    Occasionally Picture will stutter for a few seconds and then turn to black. Sound continues. Changing channel fixes this, until next time it happens. Signal level and quality both at 100.
    It seems this only happens after or during connection to iPad via WI-FI Smart screen.

    Every day I have to add my iPad to list of known devices, in order to see the EPG on it. All other devices are kept in the list, just not the iPad. Will try with different iPad soon.

    TV has turned off by itself a few times. Yes, the auto function for turning off, is of course disabled.

    Internet EPG quite often gives me a black screen. Turning TV off and back on, fixes this for the moment.

    Internet EPG changes page by itself. I have found that it turns to the page, where the current active channel is. This only happens of course, if I am looking at channels on a different page than where current shown channel is.

    While changing channels, TV will occasionally not tell me the name of the current program on the channels. Restart TV will fix this, for the moment.

    According to the built in help, Ambilight is supposed to change its power/effect with selected Picture Settings. This is not happening.
    Selecting the Energy save Preset, should lower the effect of Ambilight for example.

    14) (Suggestion or problem?)
    If it works, there is a thin white line below the program name. Isnt this line supposed to show a Programs progress in time? It does not, and never did. Info page gives this information.

    What really bothers me, is that WI-FI Smart screen to iPad is not working. Spent so many hours on trying to fix it. No luck so far. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Besides this, 55pfl6007T has amazing picture, beautiful colors and lights. Depth in 2D is exceptional in my opinion.
    It works perfectly with Philips hue bulbs as well, to extend the Ambilight effect, which makes the experience of watching a good movie, even more perfect.
    3D functions is awesome, although I havent used it much yet.
    I truly enjoy this TV, but hope for fixes on listed issues of course.

    thank you for reading my lengthy reply. Hope this will focus on some of the issues seen on this model.

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