When I put my Philips PTA 01/00 WiFi-dongle into my Philips 46PFL8605H it starts to "turn off" and “on” all the time. Absolutely wrong it goes when I change channel. After the image appears again, there comes a message that there is a new channel updates, which will be updated next time the TV is set into standby. But believe me, it has been on standby many times. I did read somewhere about someone that had a problem to recall this, but there was a solution of reinstalling WITH the dongle in. I have also tried that but without success. I bought my dongle a week after the TV, so I did not have it when I installed the TV the first time.

See link here. Has thrown a video on youtube. Recording has just started when the TV turns itself off. When the picture comes back, I change the channel and it does it again.


Can somebody please help me, what to do?